About Noire & Co.

About Noire & Co.

Noire & Co. is a lifestyle blog for quirky, eclectic young folks who can appreciate discussing social justice, their favorite books, and memes. On Noire & Co. expect long form posts discussing the challenges of being a young woman in these interesting times, academic discourse, and short form content covering my wide array of interests.

I aim to create a space that is inclusive, refreshing, and a source of creative release.

About the Author

For the sake of this blog, you can call me N, I’m a college senior studying Anthropology, proud womanist, and nerd. My future goals include going to graduate school for my PhD in Anthropology, traveling the world, and telling my friends bad jokes. Noire & Co. is a revitalization of a previous blog founded in 2014 with a new, fresh focus.

About the Content

I write all my own posts, create my own graphics, and take my own pictures, unless stated otherwise.  Do not republish any content from Noire & Co. without my expressed permission.


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