Introducing Noire & Co.

Before I began my freshman year of college in 2014, I started The Traveling Curl. My blog began as a place for me tot talk about the exciting, terrifying, and stressful experiences of my first year in college. My blog began as a hobby, but as time went on I wanted to make it a side hustle…and then when that became too stressful, it went to on to be a hobby I rarely partook in.

I envisioned my blog to be a space for me to express myself creatively in the niche of being a college blogger. Over time, this niche became a bit more suffocating than I would have liked and I felt as though I couldn’t be creative in this space.

After 3 months of not blogging, I decided that it was time for a change. I needed to make a change for my blog to be a space that was inspiring. And I think I’ve found that.

Noire & Co. is a lifestyle blog for quirky, eclectic young folks who can appreciate discussing social justice, their favorite books, and memes. On Noire & Co. expect long form posts discussing the challenges of being a young woman in these interesting times, academic discourse, and short form content covering my wide array of interests.

In my first few weeks of post I think it will be clear that Noire & Co. will be diverse. I hope to write about college, movies, books, travel, nature, and my life. Every week on Sunday a new post should go up. Heck, I even plan to put out some planner printables since I’m interested in that too!

I hope you’re excited and willing to join me on this journey!