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Opening October 1.

Noire & Co. is looking for guest writers. Noire & Co. accepts posts about college, essays, poetry, art, etc. If it’s interesting to you and you’re passionate about it, send me a pitch (a pitch includes potential title and rough outline of the content, not something already written) of the post. I especially want to feature college or recently post college writers of color, women, gender non-comforming, trans, disabled, and LGBTQIA+ writers and those holding other marginalized identities. People of privileged identities are welcome to pitch ideas as well. 

Guest posts must minimum be 800 words (unless that’s not applicable to the medium/genre). Posts should have headings, subheadings, etc. If the post features pictures, video, or audio, it needs to have image descriptions or a transcript available for accessibility. If the post is academic in nature, please include citations.

Noire & Co. is looking to publish content that has not been published elsewhere. I reserve the right to ask for content edits or reject posts that are not in line with the values I promote on this blog.

Guest writers will be compensated for their labor.

Send a pitch for a guest post to if you’re interested in writing for the blog or have any questions.

Brands, Sponsors, Advertisers

Noire & Co. aims to connect readers with content that fits the identity of the blog. If you are interested in advertising or sponsoring a post/video on Noire & Co. please email

I pride myself on producing original content, so I will not repost guest posts from brands.